Sasha’s fighting back with her new setup

Monday, January 20th, 2020

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Seated girl using adapted games controller

Sasha’s brother now has a real fight on his hands. They both love Tekken 7, and with Sasha’s new adapted gaming setup it’s going to get very interesting.

Sasha loves games and although she has almost full use of her left hand, her cerebral palsy means her right hand movement is very limited in that she can use the buttons but not the joystick on a standard controller.

Our therapists Jacob and Nomi visited Sasha to see if they could help. They talked to her about how she plays with a standard controller and looked at her movements so they could work out the best way to make play easier.

They started with a padded, velcro-covered lap tray and added a large joystick to act as the left stick. Four large button switches replaced the face buttons, and all the gear was run through an Xbox Adaptive Controller into her PS4, with the help of a Titan Two adapter.

After getting used to the larger buttons, Sasha knew she needed the back buttons to activate her special moves on Tekken 7, so Jacob added smaller button switches to each corner of the joystick mapped to the L buttons on the controller.

Sasha now has a complex but easy-to-use setup to make her gaming all she wants it to be!

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